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Cheap Class Flights to Italy


Italy is one of the top most visited countries on the planet and it’s not hard to see why. Only becoming a unified state in 1861, this has served to enhance an Italian’s loyalty to their region even over the rest of the country, which is apparent in its array of different cuisines, dialects, scenery and culture.

However, one thing that every Italian will agree with is that life must be lived to the full. This is displayed in the numerous local festivals which take place across the country on any given day, usually to celebrate a saint or the local harvest. The Italian people place great importance on good food, especially when enjoyed with extended family. Don’t forget to try some local cuisine whilst you’re there, such as delicious handmade pasta, pizza and shellfish.

There’s also the country’s prominent historic legacies, from the imposing Colosseum of Rome to the ancient streets of Sicily and Naples, Italy is certainly a feast for the senses. Indeed, Tuscany alone has more well-preserved historical monuments than any other region in the world.

But if after all that sightseeing you simply want to kick back and relax, there’s a huge number of beaches to choose from too, including Lido di Jesolo in the north and the stunning island of Sardinia to the east. If it’s an outdoorsy type of vacation you’re after, you’ll struggle to find anywhere better than Italy.

5 Things You Need to Know About Italy

Here are five things you may not have known about Italy, which you’ll want to make note of before packing your bags:

Time Difference: UTC +2 hours
Currency: Euro
Native Language: Italian
Weather: Summers are dry and the winters are mild and wet, but the temperatures are lower in both seasons than in the rest of the Mediterranean – around 3 or 5 °C (37.4 or 41.0 °F) in the winter, and between 17 and 21 °C (62.6 and 69.8 °F) in the summer. However, cities such as Rome where there is a lot of concrete can easily reach 30 °C and beyond.
Sales Tax: 20%

Flying to Italy from Ireland

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about flying to Italy from Ireland, including flight times and entry requirements.

Flight Times

Flights from Ireland to Italy generally take around nine hours, with direct flights available from Toronto.

Flights from other cities in Ireland, such as Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary, will have to take indirect routes, which will take a little longer.

Entry Requirements

Canadian citizens using Canadian passports do not need a visa to enter Italy for stays under 90 days. You simply need a valid passport.

Airlines That Fly to Italy

The following airlines offer direct flights from Ireland to Italy:

- Air Canada
- Air France
- Lufthansa
- Alitalia

10 Italy Must-Dos

If you’ve never visited Italy before and are wondering what the ‘must-see’ sights and attractions are, here are our top ten:

- St. Peter's Basilica
- Amalfi Coast
- Egyptian Museum of Turin
- The Colosseum
- The Vatican
- Duomo di Milano
- The Leaning Tower of Pisa
- Canal Grande, Venice
- Pompeii
- Galleria Borghese

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